SXSW 2013: Robert Kelly’s Nasty Show with Aisha Tyler @ Esther’s Follies – Presented by TuneIn 03.12

Posted March 13, 2013 in

How did you hear about the show?
Mike Brown was playing a comedy podcast in the SLUG office called The Champs, and Aisha Tyler was a guest on it. She was fucking hilarious.  When I heard she was going to be at SXSW, I knew I had to see her.

Was the show inside or outside? Was it day or night?
The show was inside Esther’s Follies and set up just like most stand up shows are on TV. I sat in the back so I wouldn’t get added into anyone’s jokes.

What was the funniest thing said on stage?
I wish I wrote some of her jokes down so I could quote them.  Tyler pokes fun at herself for getting older and her marriage to a white guy (they’ve been married for 19 years!), other people’s marriages and various other topics.  Google her—you’ll laugh your ass off.

Most memorable moment?
She made jokes about her pubic hair turning grey and getting a weave for her snatch. I think the audience was a little afraid to laugh at those. I did. 

What set the show apart from a typical set you might see in SLC?   
We don’t have many female black comedians in SLC but I sure wish we did. Aisha Tyler, leave LA and move to SLC. Our comedy scene needs you. I’ve think I’ve got a comedy crush on her now.