The Dude Tour Diaries: Day Three, The Endless Struggle

Posted September 12, 2011 in

Local Tyson Bowerbank killing it! Photo: Gage Thompson

By the time Saturday had come, I was shot. Over the last two days, I had spent endless hours at work, on Trax, at Dew Tour, on the computer, back to work, Dew Tour, etc. The only thing I hadn’t been doing was getting any shut-eye. Two days of no sleep is not really a huge deal, but when you average five hours of sleep nightly, a drastic cut in that can severely alter your equilibrium. In the words of Motley Crue, “On with the show.”

On Saturday I arrived early in hopes of getting some interviews done during practices. Unfortunately, no pro athletes were practicing. At a loss on what to do next, I headed into the athlete’s lounge. For the next 20 minutes, I sat around and watched Mitchie Brusco play Playstation until I decided it was time to get back down stairs.

Waiting for the elevator is like being in time out, it only takes a few minutes, but feels like a lifetime. By the time I made it down to the arena floor, some action had started heating up. The youth had taken over the skate street course for the Gatorade Free Flow practice and the pros converged onto the vert ramp. As I waited for the vert comp to start, I hung out and watched the kids’ skate park. Local Tyson Bowerbank was on fire in practice, I watched him back 270 lipslide to 270 out on the bump to ledge first try! I found out later that he had finished in second place, which is still awesome. It’s only a matter of time before he blows up (nice kid, too)!

Minutes later, I heard the call of the wild to get back to the vert ramp for the finals. The athletes were introduced like they were ball players (let’s hear it for yoooouuurrr Utah JAAAZZZZ) then the clock was started and the competition began. Brazilian Pedro Barros got the crowd roaring as he was soaring four feet higher than almost every competitor. Shaun White, with the support of local pro snowboarders in the crowd, showed his usual consistency. Bucky Lasek, fresh off a first place finish, looked to be in fine fun, and Pierre Luc Gagnon was getting progressively more technical as the competition went on. On his second run, Pierre landed trick after trick flipping and spinning everything and set the high mark with a 94. In the end, the score held up as Bucky and Shaun both fell on their final runs (Shaun was pissed!). After a victory lap, Pierre took the podium with first place honors and a big check to cash in at the bar.

As I left the arena, the clouds rolled in and poured rain. I had hoped that the storm would last long enough to postpone the BMX Dirt competition, but I had no such luck. Being the poor bastard I am, I had to ditch one of the coolest events of the tour and head off to work again! Hey, somebody’s got to pay the bills right? Go to allisports.comto get all the info I missed out on and check out photos here.

Local Tyson Bowerbank killing it! Photo: Gage Thompson 1st -Brendan Villanueva 2nd - Tyson Bowerbank 3rd - Miles Canevello. Photo: Gage Thompson Bucky Lasek. Photo: Gage Thompson Pierre-Luc Gagnon. Photo: Gage Thompson Shaun White. Photo: Gage Thompson 1st - Pierre-Luc Gagnon 2nd -Shaun White - 3rd - Bucky Lasek. Photo: Gage Thompson