Thursday, January 25th – Shredding the Gnar Gnar

Posted January 29, 2007 in
So we received three passes to the Park City Resort and a gracious offer to join the "The Burton/Sundance Instructional "Program." The package offered structured instructions along with equipment that makes learning to snowboard as painless and easy as possible. Angela Brown and I have been snowboarding before. However, this was Erik's first time on a snow stick. We got our gear (free goggles), mounted our boards and hit the slopes. Erik's trusty whistle acted as his security blanket for most of the day, just in case he was hurt, someone would know where he is at all times. Angela and I shredded with a producer from New York and a very polite and patient Aussie instructor. We fell, we froze, we forged, and it was fantastic.

After we had our fun on the mountainside, Angela and I could not seem to find Erik. We started making bets as to where he was. Reading a book in the lobby? Passed out by a tree? Boozing it up in the lounge? Nope. He couldn't get enough of his first day and tried to persuade his tired confidants to go out for some more runs. Just then, his eyes drifted toward the free Burton Backpack filled with goodies and his enthusiasm was tranquilized by content. Erik lives for free backpacks.

When we left the Park City Resort all three of us realized it was time for a drink. The first place we came across was the Turning Leaf Lounge. With a proper photo identification card you can enter and awaken your senses with numerous glasses of wine. So we did! We killed some time and split up with Angela after taking some HP photographs (read: Wednesdays blog) and Erik and I made our way up to the Slamdance office to have intellectual conversation with the staff. Wine makes you do things like that. Around seven thirty, we attended another happy hour in the Slamdance Lounge where we continued our contingent debauchery into the wee hours of the night. Lets just say, Erik made some friends and drove home. Lance made some friends and stayed in Park City. Everything was right in the universe and tomorrow is another day. Stay tuned for coverage on TROMADANCE 2007!