Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie

Posted January 21, 2012 in

Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie
Sundance Film Festival
Director: Tim Heidecker, Eric Wareheim

Fans of Eric Wareheim and Tim Heidecker’s bizarre comedic styles know their humor resides in the cult territory, and that’s perfectly fine with them, but their dedication to Tim & Eric may come into question after witnessing the duo’s first attempt at a feature-length film. Wareheim and Heidecker (who both wrote and directed the film) star as cartoonish versions of themselves who recently wasted a billon dollars on their idiotic film “Diamond Jim” starring a Johnny Depp impersonator (they thought he was the real deal). Obviously not pleased with the results, producers from the Schlaaang Corporation (Robert Loggia and William Atherton) threaten to kill the dimwitted duo unless they pay every cent back. Just when every option seems unfeasible, an opportunity arises with a suspicious mall manager (Will Ferrell) who claims the two can earn the money by running his dilapidated building. With disgusting elements including a family operated used toilet paper store and man-eating wolf that stalks the food court, Tim & Eric fans will surely get their prescription absurdities in the first 30 minutes, but it’s the latter portion of the film that feels too simplistic and strays from the duos originality, losing the charisma their television show and internet videos used to attract us in the first place. Even the cameos of comedians Ferrell, Will Forte, John C. Reilly and Zach Galifianakis do little to make this project memorable … Tim and Eric Mediocre Show, Lackluster Job!



Time: 11:45 pm Date: 1/27/2012 Venue: Library Center Theatre

Time: 6:00 pm Date: 1/28/2012 Venue: Broadway Centre Cinema 6