X-Dance Review: Blue Sway (Surf)

Posted January 16, 2012 in

Blue Sway
X-Dance Screening: Saturday, Jan. 14 @ 3:30pm

Created by legendary surf filmmaker and winner of the X-Dance “Lifetime Achievement award,” Jack McCoy, Blue Sway is a collaboration of stunning images accompanied by music by the legendary Paul McCartney. The video filled the screen at X-Dance with incredible visuals of underwater surf and landscape and couldn’t have been set to more fitting music. The music video is a “tribute,” as McCoy described it, to his and McCartney’s “mutual love and respect for the world’s oceans.” Blue Sway was shot using a high-tech underwater mini-submarine with an underwater camera mounted to the front. McCoy spent a year mastering the virgin filming method in Tahiti, free diving without any oxygen tank and surfacing for breath in between shots. After completing the filming, McCoy showed the images to friend and record producer Chris Thomas, who then showed the yet unfinished film to Paul McCartney. McCartney contacted McCoy with a few versions of an unreleased song titled “Blue Sway” for him to use for the film. The goal, said McCoy, was for viewers to “get lost,” in the images, and get lost you will when viewing the unique craftsmanship of Blue Sway. –Westin Porter