X-Dance Review: Day At The Pool (Skate)

Posted January 15, 2012 in

Day at The Pool
Fuel TV
X-Dance Screening: Friday, Jan. 13 @ 6:30pm

This short mockumentary tells the story of skateboarding's earliest influence. With an unlikely and unorthodox style of skating, Bentley Benson would shred underwater in his mom’s backyard. During the Dog Town days his skills were both impressive and feared which ultimately led to his blacklisting from Venice. But, his influence resounded deeply throughout the industry with his name linked to some of skateboarding's biggest landmarks. Toted as the unaccredited pioneer of pool skating by some, Bentley Benson is the Bloody Mary of the skateboard world. Does he really exist? Many will attest to that. Was he the first? Perhaps. Will skaters give him credit? Hell no, they won’t even dare speak his name. Two things are for sure though, Duane Peters is the man and you should watch this movie. –Shawn Mayer