X-Dance Review: Lost & Found (Surf)

Posted January 15, 2012 in

Lost & Found
Corduroy Films
X-Dance Screening: Friday, Jan. 13 @ 7pm

While at a flea market in California, Doug Walker stumbled upon three boxes. Contained inside were surfing negatives. After a year of research, Walker was on his way to the North Shore to discover the real story behind the photographs. What follows is a great nostalgic look on one of surfing’s most progressive eras, the '70s. Through these negatives Walker is able to reunite world famous surfers, photographers and filmers, and reminisce about surfing’s history. As the film concludes we learn that the boxes were once the property of Surfing Magazine editor Larry Moore, and without this string of occurrences, this history may have been lost forever.

I found the film to be more than entertaining. As a surfer (former, or part-time), learning how Gerry Lopez and Aaron Chang got their respective starts was amazing. The collection of old footage provided more than enough visual stimulation to break up the dialogue. Each interview is filled with smiles and tales of the good ole days. There’s also a ton of history packed into these individual stories. The tearjerker comes at the end when we learn about Larry Moore. This film is definitely recommended for anyone with a vested interest in surf culture and its origins, but also for anyone who has a love or passion for any action sport in general.