FirstGlance Film Review: Face 2 Face

Posted April 30, 2013 in ,

Face 2 Face
FirstGlance Film Festival
Director: Katherine Brooks

If you’ve ever wondered how many of your Facebook friends actually deserve such a noble title, this documentary shows the sad reality of the matter. Director Katherine Brooks, who has directed MTV reality shows like The Osbournes and The Real World, shows just how alone people can really be, despite being connected to thousands of online “friends.” After recovering from a major surgery, Brooks is shocked to find that no one has come to visit her at her home, or even know about her severe prescription drug problem, which eventually led to a non-lethal overdose. At that point, she comes up with the idea to drive around the country and visit the first 50 Facebook friends who respond to her invitation. Although the film only features about a handful of the 50 people that Brooks visits, the stories from each of them are really inspiring and emotional. And while most documentaries aspire to portray an accurate depiction of a person’s normal life, it’s truly amazing to see just how raw and honest Brooks allows herself to be in front of cameras. Brooks suffers several mental breakdowns throughout the film, as she tries to get clean and no longer depend on Xanax to calm her down. This documentary is as unfiltered as it gets. Along with a small camera crew, Brooks captures the riveting journey to find peace with herself, and at the same time, gain an actual friendship with those whom she’s never met face to face.