Heavy Girls

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Still from Heavy Girls

Heavy Girls
Slamdance Film Festival
Director: Axel Ranisch

With a shooting budget of $600, a two-page script, mostly improvised Mini-DV footage and a cast of four people, Axel Ranish introduces a heartwarming and unrelentingly hysterical tale of familial love and gay romance. Daniel, a middle-aged man with a wife and son, serves as 90-year-old Edeltraut’s caretaker while her son, Sven, works during the day. When Edeltraut, suffering from dementia, locks David out on her balcony and takes off, David and Sven search the streets of Berlin to track her down. Thus begins the start of their unspoken secret romance with one another, culminating with a nude mudbath during a day trip to the lake. From Sven’s epic, solo dance number in the nude, to Sven and Daniel’s side-splitting yet tender naked bonding in the countryside, to Sven and Daniel’s heartbreaking yet still hilarious naked fight scene (rivaling the one in Borat), audiences are exposed to a considerable about of hairy pink flesh. But I was so caught up in the expertly-played characters throughout the whole film that, to steal a line from fellow SLUG Film Festival Correspondent Jeanette D. Moses, “ I’d forgotten they were naked and that I’d seen enough shots of saggy old man ass to last me a lifetime.” Heavy Girls is a DIY triumph, and one of the funniest films I have seen so far.

Still from Heavy Girls Still from Heavy Girls Still from Heavy Girls Director of Heavy Girls Axel Ranisch