Legend of Aahhh’s Film Review

Posted October 29, 2012 in ,

Legend of Aahhh’s: A True Fable
D&E Entertainment
In Theaters: 10.24

Endless pristine snowscapes flow languidly over jagged, ominous mountain cliffs as bat-shit powder hounds blast along fifty-plus-foot drops at a breakneck pace. However, I’m not sure that any words in my vocabulary could properly encompass the mind-bending shots that Greg Stump and the gang have brought once again to theaters near you. Legend of Aahhh’s tells a much different story than any other ski movie I’ve seen. Twenty-four years after the release of Blizzard of Aahhh’s, viewers are allowed a personal peek into the tumultuous domain of the freeskiing OGs. Instead of focusing mainly on frame after frame of tricks with no real connection, Stump has managed, once again, to create a lavish and comical story about the history of ski films and how they have impacted the sport since their conception. Interviews with Warren Miller, Glen Plake, Mike Harttrup, Dick Barrymore, and an extensive list of others are rampant between old-school shots of “ballet skiing” and personal tricks of the first crew to allow malleability and freedom in their style. There is one sentiment I still cannot get out of my head though ... How in the hell did they do any of those inverts, pops, gap blasts, or cliff hauls on 510 “stretch” K-2s?