Project LTC & Stache Vol. 1 Snowboard Movie Premieres @ Spedelli’s 09.01

Posted September 6, 2013 in ,

When’s the best time to party? Easy, it’s Labor Day Weekend. Throw in some cat-lickin’, moustache-ticklin’, pizza-eatin’ and you’re set. Sunday’s premiere at Spedelli’s was the epitome of good friends coming together and super-ultra-pro snowboarding at its peak––but we’ll start with the party.

Folks came and conquered the evening as everyone’s favorite all-star Internet snowboard crew, Lick the Cat, showed us how to stay weird. Sponsor tents littered the parking lot guarding the outdoor movie screen and projector so people could play free pool, eat and get a little turnt up before the sun went down––shit was packed. Snowboarding premieres at Spedelli’s, especially when one of the videos is their own, are always something to see if you’re into the scene. This time of year, chances are that most of your friends are back from Hood and ready to welcome back winter with style––or Pabst.

The dark showed up just in time for night to start and the videos were off! To be honest, I had a shitty seat for the Spedelli’s movie, The Stache Vol. 1, and have yet to see it on the Internet, so I can’t leak any of the awesomeness––you best go to Spedelli’s and make them put it on next time you’re grabbing a beer. What I can say is that rider and Lunch Ramp Gang guy Ted Borland threw it all together. The soundtrack was good, too. Project Lick The Cat, on the other hand, is a different story, because I got a good look at that one.

For starters, the entire Lick The Cat Saga is free on any computer screen, so check that out before or after you watch the full-length here. This was the worst awesome snowboard movie ever, and that’s why I dead seriously loved it. These guys need an Emmy more than anything in the world. I was a little bummed, though, when there were no cats but more nude dude asses than a K-Pop orgy. LTC also needs go back to using Katy Perry songs, just because.

The movie opens during a bro down at the LTC frat house, filmed all artsy with a lot of whisky. You can tell the production value was high because Snowboarder Magazine, College, Spoice and Sheilas sponsored the whole thing. Not giving too much away, you’re going to see footy from Nike’s The Launch, SuperPark 17, Mt. Hoodness and some of the gooeyest street shots of the year. Overall I’d dish highlight parts out to Griffin Seibert, Sam Taxwood and Hans Mindnich’s shared part, and Nils Mindnich. If you had a problem with any of the snowboarding in this video, go fight a pack of dinosaurs.

Mindnich had the ender so that about killed the pizza party, and after, the snowboard community helped pick up all the trash outside––they’re good about that. Then came the after party at an undisclosed location deep in the heart of Sugar Hood. Cops broke it up in less than two hours, but hey, it’s good to know that a couple people still know how to party!

For those looking to keep the snowboard stoke going, premiere season is young! This Saturday, September 7 is the Videograss, Keep the Change and Déjà vu (from the French Canadians) premiere at the University of Utah––info here.  

Don’t forget it’s the same night as SLUG’s Summer of Death skateboard contest series, presented by Scion, after party at Spedelli's. Help us celebrate the changing of the seasons!