Roller Town

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Still from Roller Town

Roller Town
Slamdance Film Festival
Andrew Bush

In his feature film directorial debut, Andrew Bush brings in an interesting satire of disco, roller-skating and the '70s. Roller Town takes place in a part of the past where everyone roller-skates and everything is awesome. After “gangsters” murder his father, Leo (Mark Little) grows up alone knowing nothing but roller-skating. Leo’s smooth moves at the roller rink help him steal the mayor’s daughter, Julia (Kayla Lorette), from local skate-snob Davis (Scott Vrooman), but when the goons who killed his father return to kill disco and turn local teens into video-arcade-addicted zombies, will roller-skating be enough to help Leo defeat them? Roller Town brings out some great satire and excellent comedic relief, but there are a few spots in the film (which was written by Bush, Little and Vrooman) that feel like three friends got together and dumped their inside jokes into a screenplay. That being said, the film has some remarkable comedic moments and several very well done supporting role performances. Relax, have a few beers and enjoy the fuck out of this one. Oh, and stay through the credits—they get interesting.


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Date: 1/21/12 Time: 8:00 PM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Main Screening Room

Date: 1/25/12 Time: 10:00 AM Venue: Treasure Mountain Inn, Main Screening Room

Still from Roller Town Director of Roller Town Andrew Bush