(L–R) Dave Swartz and Lauren Lockey discuss a plant-base lifestyle while showing their sheep pen. Sammie, right, is a newer resident at Sage Mountain. Photo: rachelmolenda.com
Award-winning chef and Forage co-founder Viet Pham has set his sights on Nashville hot chicken with Pretty Bird. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Photo: LmSorenson.net (L–R) Executive Director Michele Corigliano and Chair Tamara Gibo lobby via the Salt Lake Area Restaurant Association (SLARA) to educate legislators and inspirit Utah-restaurant camaraderie.
Photo: LmSorenson.net Owner and head butcher Philip Grubisa proudly uses the whole animals they butcher, from nose to tail, at Beltex Meats.
Ana Valdemoros. Photo: John Barkiple
Photo courtesy of John Barkiple
(L–R) Scrumptious gourmet vegan doughnuts are the name of the game for Big O crew Jon Bruni, Ally Curzon, Jessica Curzon and Leah Curzon. Photo: Logan Sorenson
(L–R) Real Food Rising’s Sara Simmons oversees teen employees Lilly Slack, Oliver Nsengiyumva and Oscar Arriaga at Urban Greens Market, which provides healthy food for the Glendale and Poplar Grove communities of SLC. Photo: John Barkiple
Per Noi Trattoria's Arancini. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Finca's This-is-the-Place Punch for the Farm to Glass Cocktail Contest. Photo: Jessica Bundy