With new, local ingredients and a sustainability-forward ethos, Kiitos Brewing Head Brewer Clay Turnbow is an avid drinker and maker of “out-there” beers. Photo: LMSorenson.net
Pat Winslow is making his dream a reality — Ogden River Brewing will reside next to its namesake come the end of 2018. Photo: Sylvia Hollands
Dangereux | 2 Row
Photo: Talyn Sherer
The charcuterie board was a nice touch, thanks to Beehive Cheese and Creminelli meats. Photo: Talyn Sherer
With broth as a base, diners can shape their shabu-shabu experience with a panoply of ingredients to taste together at Tonkotsu Shabu Shabu Bar. | Photos: Talyn Sherer
Pale Ale | Kiitos Brewing
Celeste Ristorante packs a toothsome Italian punch with dishes like Ravioli Incavolati (above). | Photo: Talyn Sherer.