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The Witch and the Hundred Knight
Nippon Ichi/NIS
Reviewed on: PlayStation 3 (Exclusive)
Street: 03.25
The Witch and the Hundred Knight is a loot-collecting action RPG from NIS, the company behind the popular strategy RPG series, Disgaea. The story revolves around a swamp witch Metallia and her “pet,” the Hundred Knight. Metallia, confined to her swamp, wishes to expand her territory and leaves it up to you, the Hundred Knight. Being a fan of action RPGs as well as the Disgaea series, I was excited to play this game. Unfortunately NIS should have stuck with what made them popular. The Witch and the Hundred Knight is fun, but had a hard time keeping my attention for extended periods of time. NIS also incorporated plenty of things that make their strategy RPG a success, but I felt didn’t necessarily work too well with an action RPG. Extensive text cut-scenes may flow well with a slower-paced RPG, but it did not with this combat-heavy action RPG. There are also plenty of gameplay ideas to experiment with, yet most are barely explained and some are all-together pointless. NIS took everything that made their Disgaea series a success, and tried to implement it all into a completely different genre. Unfortunately, this did not work in their favor. –Nate Abbott
The Wolf Among Us: Episode Three – A Crooked Mile
Telltale Games
Reviewed on: Xbox 360
Also on: PC, PS3, Vita, iOS, OS X
Street: 04.08
Telltale has been doing an awesome job with these modern takes of choose-your-own-adventure type of storytelling, and the Fables universe has been getting some of the best of it through the Wolf Among Us series. The third chapter kicks off with you as town sheriff Bigby forced to manage several situations in the game, starting with a murdered prostitute, Ichabod Crane missing and Bluebeard demanding to take charge of the investigation. While the first two chapters have been setting up the universe and how characters react to the decisions you now make, this chapter forces you to make ones that may leave you out of the loop on information and decide the fate of individuals ahead of time. Aside from familiar faces you’ve already been working with, you’re introduced to humble janitor Flycatcher and the sadistic cutthroat right-arm gal of The Cooked Man, Bloody Mary, both venturing into the comic’s familiar universe and expanding on it in a very creative tone. Ultimately, no matter what decision you make, you’ll be playing it through at least two more times to get every bit of knowledge and achievement, as well as best decide how to best proceed down the crooked miles yet to come. –Gavin Sheehan
Viscera Cleanup Detail
Reviewed on: PC (Exclusive)
Street: 04.04
For all of the messes that I’ve made as the protagonist in a sci-fi splatterfest of a video game, I never once stopped to think about the poor saps that had to clean up all of the blood and severed limbs that I left behind.  Thanks to Runestorm’s Viscera Cleanup Detail, I now have some sympathy for the space janitors that have the noble task of making all of those blood-soaked science installations look nice and sparkly again.  The game is still in early development, so there are a few issues with the graphics and controls, but the concept is original—and disgusting.  Using a meager arsenal of a mop and blacklight, the task of cleaning up after a space rampage is actually pretty challenging.  There are bloody pieces of corpses that need to be gathered and incinerated, mop buckets that need to be changed out after too many visits from your slimy mop and let’s not forget those pesky footprints that follow you around after walking through a heap of severed limbs.  The game is multiplayer-ready, and it’s definitely a bit more fun to tackle this demented game with some buddies—just make sure they’ve got strong stomachs. –Alex Springer