Yang Yongliang, “The Path” from the series salt 14: Yang Yongliang 2016.
Photo: Stuart Ruckman
Photo courtesy of Robbie Brooks.
(L–R) John Holliday, Syd Smoot, Melissa Jackson, Virginia Pearce, Christina Martin and Derek Mellus. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Photo courtesy of Big Time PR
(L–R) Adriene Klein, Deana Jarquin, Olivia Von Hagen, Sage Nelsen, Film Mentor Paige Sparks and Jonah Janeway on set in Spy Hop’s “Film Apprenticeship Program.” Photo by John Barkiple
Diana Whitten moved to Salt Lake City in 2016 and soon after established the Utah chapter of Film Fatales. Photo: Tyler Measom
(L–R) Kenny Riches and Matt Wigham seek to empower independent filmmakers via their film-production company, Dualist, in Utah and beyond. Photo: Matthew Hunter
Photo courtesy of Big Time PR
Photo courtesy of Big Time PR