(L–R) Mike Cadaver and Shane Diablo drill to the bone with horror and exploitation films and local extreme music band members. Photo: Scott Frederick
Jennifer Jones researches and publishes the history of paranormal legends via The Dead History, locally and beyond. Photo: @_chriskiernan_
Brock Grossl, proud connoisseur of pure trash in cinema. Photo: John Barkiple
Our last day in Valencia was spent bike riding down to the City of Arts and Science, where we soaked up the view of the incredible architecture around us. Photo: Talyn Sherer
Photo courtesy of Bruce Campbell
Colin Williams | My Suicide Note Charity Event
Photo: John Barkiple (L–R) Lynette, Ira and Joy participate in Wasatch Community Gardens’ GREEN TEAM, which guides homeless women through education on how to garden amid other life skills.
David Payne. Photo: John Barkiple
Feminist punk art meets ’90s anime in the signature style and themes of artist Heather Mahler’s instantly recognizable work. Photo: LmSorenson.net