Add a Dash of Local Art: George Gundlach

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Each month, SLUG features a local artist and their work on the west wall of the café in Whole Foods at Trolley Square. We asked January's artist, George Gundlach to come by the SLUG office to create a personal piece just for SLUG, out of whatever we had lying around. We gave him the January 2012 issue, some paints, old colored pencils and some modge podge to see what he could come up with.

George picked questions and directions from a list of very strange and random questions that the office staff had come up with, and created a piece of art out of his answers.
These were his questions:

Grateful Dead or Bob Marley?
Grateful Dead
Is there a particular genre of art that you hate, or at least mildly dislike?
Mixed media (ironic, given that was exactly what we made him do).
Then he had to draw an alien, and a self portrait.

His answers are depicted in the above creation. 

We also asked him a few more informative questions, so that you could get to know him:

Who are you?

George Gundlach, student, welder, painter

When did you decide to become an artist?

About 2 years ago.

What do you think of the art scene here in SLC?

I dig the Gallery Stroll. Could use more street artists...

Any words of wisdom?
-Being an artist is no more than notoriety.
-All is one. Who do you love?

The next time you are at Whole Foods Trolley Square, stop by the café to check out George's work.
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Find out more about the event here.


George's work hangs at Whole Foods - Trolley Square through January 31st.