Anderson Vs. Hannity Debate

Posted May 9, 2007 in
This should have been a home run for Mayor Rocky Anderson. He had home court advantage and Sean Hannity right there on stage with him, it was like the chicken was in the fox den! Instead, Mayor Anderson blundered his way through much of the evening citing obscure statistics and dated memos. Mayor Anderson, did you think the crowd was there for a dissertation on recent political events? I wonder if maybe our mayor took this 'show' a little too seriously. Instead, much of the evening played into Hannity's greasy little hands and he was able to skate through the evening by simply repeating "Support the troops" which is about as convincing an argument as the shill wench who constantly was screaming "Impeach Bush."

Photo: Danny Chan La/SLC Tribune

I'm not saying Mayor Anderson wasn't thorough or logical, in fact he delivered a massive helping of each, but his decisions as the evening wore on became laughable. His PowerPoint was a virtual "How to Impeach Bush" seminar with everything you need to know (and more) laid out on a platter. Unfortunately, his platter was bigger than the table provided so he was cut off before finishing. Yes, the audience (I'll get to you) caused some delays but when Mayor Anderson continued his lecture during his "Ask Hannity a question," time it was completely comical. Even after being hounded by the moderator, Hannity and the audience, he was still barely able to get a question out any better than “Don't you agree?” When it was Mayor Anderson's turn to answer questions, he always predicated his answers with background and more of the same facts that he offered in his PowerPoint. There should have been a sign on stage that read “Straight Answers Only, Please.”

As for the audience, I was embarrassed to be there. I think the first few hecklers should have been tossed out so that the rest of the people might have thought twice before blurting out their intellectual contributions for all of us to enjoy. Honestly, I've heard better comments from third graders talking about farts than most of these morons managed to yell out. There is a lot of pressure when you're heckling, so if you're too nervous to say anything useful maybe you need a new hobby. Of course, Hannity is an easy person to want to punch in the face but the lack of respect made me wonder at what level of maturity Salt Lake conservatives operate on. I know, one bad apple and all of that, but there was plenty of rotten apples in this bunch and overall made a poor representation of all of us.

You may be wondering why I haven't talked about what Hannity had to say. Well that's because he didn't really say anything. There was some Hillary bashing, some troop supporting and a quick film proving once and for all that Saddam really did gas people. I'm glad he cleared that up! Otherwise, it was what I was expecting: dissension is treason, questions are for commies and by God you had better support this war or you can expect a terrorist attack in you front yard within the year. I will say this for Hannity, at least he followed the format which is way more than I can say for Mayor Anderson. Even when given a straightforward question like “Name five ways to make America more secure,” he felt compelled to blather on for five minutes of his one-minute answer period about all things peripheral to the question. Yes, he squeezed a few answers out, but as with much of the evening with the crowd clinching our collective teeth and yelling out “Answer the question!,” he still swung and missed on a pitch that was right over the plate.