Bobby & Beer: A Recipe for Witch’s Brew

What’s rock n’ roll without a few brewskies down the hatch? I decided to ask an expert on the subject, Bobby Hecksher, of the neo-psych band The Warlocks. Although Hecksher admits that he’s more of a whiskey drinker (my kind of man), he was able to share a little insight on his connection between beer and the band.

SLUG: How old were you when you had your first sip of beer? BH: I think I was around 15; I had a drink at a neighbor’s party in Florida. I didn’t think about it much. I don’t think I liked the taste.

SLUG: I believe it’s an acquired taste. Do you remember you’re first time getting hammered?
BH: As a teenager in high school everything is a new experience, like going to shows and seeing music; and alcohol is a part of that whirlwind. I don’t have one specific memory; it’s more of a collective memory. It [drinking] was something to bring people together rather than just to get drunk.

SLUG: Do you have a favorite type of brew?
BH: These days I drink crabby old man drinks like whiskey. As far as beer, it goes in moods. I like Hefenweizens, dark beers, home brews and lagers.

SLUG: Sometimes when people drink too much they develop special skills; I become a great dancer. Do you have any drunken skills?
BH: No, I don’t develop any special talents that I don’t have when I’m not drinking; nothing that comes to mind.

SLUG: No skills, no problem. Do you have a favorite homie to drink with?
BH: It’s really fun after we have a long rehearsal, or after I’m done recording, or working on music and writing for a long time. It feels really good to unwind and go to our neighborhood bar. We [the band] all go down there and have a few drinks with the owner. Those are my favorite times.

SLUG: It’s good to take a rest after a hard days work. What’s your favorite thing about drinking beer?
BH: I don’t have a favorite thing. I’m not really a beer drinker.

SLUG: What’s the worst thing about it?
BH: The worst thing is that after two or three beers you feel really full. I hate that.

SLUG: I agree, it’s all those fizzy bubbles in your belly! If the Warlocks created their own homebrew, something to classify the band, what would it be like?
BH: I’d make sure to try different blends and make sure it was made by professionals and not a bunch of kids following a recipe, I don’t think I would do that; but maybe I would, maybe that would be fun, make a bootleg moonshine.

SLUG: What would be the alcohol percentage?
BH: Enough to knock you out! We’re gonna have crossbones and white skulls that says “XXX don’t drink.” One sip and you’re done.

SLUG: So like 400 proof?
BH: Yeah, 400 proof. A Warlockian Skull beer, there ya go!

Are you thirsty yet? If you want to buy Hecksher or any of the other Warlocks a cold one, they’ll be playing with the Black Angels on June 13 at Urban Lounge. Dance, drink and be merry!