CLC Artist: Amy Redden

Photo: Katie Panzer

Amy Redden is exactly who you would expect to be the artist behind the charming collection that is Vintage Fern. She welcomed me into her home for this interview in a perfectly coordinated Stepford-Housewives ensemble and immediately asked, “May I get you a nice cold drink?”

Her collection,Vintage Fern, includes everything one might need to add a little Stepford into your life, from handy kitchen towels to slinky slip-dresses adorned with lace doilies and other intricacies. There’s plenty to entice you to stop and check it out. You can pick up something charming for your home, a darling outfit for the little girl in your life or something fabulous to wear out later. Every item is adorned with special details that make Redden’s products unique and irresistible.

Redden says she was bitten by the crafting bug as a child. “I just always had a very specific sense of style. That’s where it all started.” She began her foray into the crafting world as a young girl, fixing things up around the house with her mother. When she got a little older, she spent some time working as a cake-decorator, hobbying only when she could make time for it, but was thrilled to be able to stay home full-time and craft when she started her family. “My girls like to do the same kind of stuff I like to, so we spend a lot of time together making things more beautiful.”

Inspired by everything from her daughters to the blogs that she reads, Redden likes finding ways of bringing together whimsical retro features with modern ideas. “I just love taking something old and making it new again,” she says. Her online blog,, echoes this effort with a simple script across the top and bright photos of colorful cupcakes. A recent post details some vintage finds and what she is thinking of doing to spruce them up. It’s definitely everything that is Vintage Fern. On her Etsy website,, some of her delightful products are available for sale. Light-hearted and fresh, the accessories are the perfect way to spice up jeans and tees, and the dresses for both children and adults are a statement all on their own. You can only get a limited selection online, however, so you’ll want to catch her when she’s at a local market or fair if you want to get your hands on all the goods.

“I love the local arts and crafts scene,” she says. “I go to a lot of trade shows and fairs. But I’m really excited about Craft Lake City because it was so fun last year as a new event, so I’m sure it will be even better this year.” Even in its infancy, the event helped Redden share her crafts with a much broader audience, and she looks forward to doing it again this year.

Photo: Katie Panzer