A Quiet Little Marriage – Review

Posted January 19, 2009 in
A Quiet Little Marriage

Slamdance Film Festival

Director: Mo Perkins

One of the amusing aspects of filmmaking is having the pleasure to work with your friends and family and collectively create something beautiful. Director Mo Perkins along with long-time friends Mary Elizabeth Ellis and Cy Carter have most certainly achieved this task with their dramatic comedy, A Quiet Little Marriage, an emotional account of moving forward in life with those you love and being held back by fear. When Olive (Ellis) is ready to take the next step with her husband Dax (Carter) and have a child, a catastrophic rift of deception and betrayal separates the once happy couple. Mary Elizabeth Ellis is absolutely stunning. Her emotional range offers smiles and tears at every corner, and Carter no doubt follows suit. Eric Zimmerman’s cinematography and wonderful use of light and Dave Lux’s simple yet brilliant score add another element of elegance to the artistic palette.

- Jimmy Martin