Music Video Block- Review

Posted January 23, 2009 in
As the presence of DIY music and art steadily increases in the public consciousness, previously ignored mediums begin to generate some awareness for the artistic merit they’ve probably always had. This is the first year Slamdance has included a screening of music videos. In this selection, hand people fight alcoholism, skeleton marionettes pop-n-lock to remixed Japanese folk songs, Steamboat Willie creatures scratch records on a phonograph next to living mannequins, monkeys and fireflys - I could go on and it’d just sound crazier. But that’s music videos, right? They don’t have to make sense so they rarely do. Like any screening of shorts, however, a third of the videos were pretty terrible. The video for Blonde Redhead springs to mind as the worst of the bad, like an exercise tape for bad street mimes. The pieces created for Gnarls Barkley and My Morning Jacket shine as the best of the bunch. All in all it was fun watching such wildly creative stuff back to back to back, as the days are gone of decent music videos on TV. If you missed the show, most of the videos stream online. I’d say the vids for The Myriad, Meaghan Smith, Thunder Heist, Keiser Cartel, and Don McCloskey are all worth your three and a half minutes. -Jesse Hawlish