Second Story

Five years ago, my friends DJ Adrian and the Mysterious D approached me to be a constituent in their newest passion––mashups. Since then, they have successfully built an empire based on their status as the first and best bastard-pop DJs in America. Their party Bootie is a worldwide roving club in cities like L.A., NYC, Paris, Munich, Mexico, Tokyo and most recently, Second Life. At this point you may be asking yourself, "Where the fuck is Second Life?" Allow me to explain.

I damned Second Life a year and a half ago when my twin sister Jordan ditched my 30th b-day party to go clubbing there or meet a new BF or whatever. I didn't really care much cause I have no interest in all that dungeons and drag queens shit. Secondlife. com states that "Second Life® is a 3-D virtual world created by its residents. Since opening to the public in 2003, it has grown explosively and today is inhabited by millions of residents from around the globe."

Basically it's a total dork-wad roleplaying game that goes way over my pretty head. It's a social networking tool kind of like MySpace. Essentially, you're living in a 3-D environment with an interactive world in real time. At last count there was an overall population of 15,139,552 with 50,000 people online at any given time. The land is divided into islands such as Information Island, which, incidentally, had some of the best librarians I've ever come across. The community is dotted with restaurants, non-profits, political protests, a university with an impressive academic enclave, real-estate agents, hookers, lawyers, strippers and doctors. I suggest going to YouTube and checking out the birth of an avatar. There's just a bevy of things to spend money on, too. If I wanted my avatar to have my signature flowing blonde locks, I'd have to pay real money for that shit. The marketplace currently supports millions of U.S. dollars in monthly transactions. This commerce is handled with the inworld unit of trade, the Linden Dollar, which can be converted to U.S. dollars at several thriving online Linden Dollar exchanges. In fact, a woman in Asia named Anshent Chung is the first person to become a multi millionaire in real life from her real-estate ventures in SL and other such online community developments.

Let's get back to clubbing. Getting started can be quite confusing. You create an avatar (a digital representation of a user in a virtual reality site) and are deployed on an island. Unless you're the computer geek type, you'll never make it off. So I chose to ride along with my twin since she was already established. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of clubs to choose from––gay, straight, sex, strip, jazz, reggae, techno, industrial, fetish, and my favorite, the disabled persons dance club created by Simon Stevens of Canterbury, England. In real life, he is challenged with cerebral palsy. His avatar still lives in a wheel chair and sports a helmet. Apparently fear of a head injury is a big concern in SL, too. His nightclub, called Wheelies, celebrates our handi-capable avatars. The club names are the best; Qatar, Ambrosia, Glam-Scum, Solaris and of course the aforementioned Bootie.

"The weird thing is we've never actually been to Bootie Second Life, because we're always doing Bootie (in our initial life) at the same time," says DJ Adrian. The Bootie party in San Francisco is Web-casted live with streaming audio into the Bootie Second Life party so the two parties happen simultaneously, with the same audio. "I know this, which is why I try to give little shout-outs on the microphone—usually at the end of the night—to all the Web cast listeners and people dancing in Bootie Second Life. It's like this strange little phantom cyberspace mash-up party that I can't see, but that I know is happening without us! Miss Cyberpink (aka Amanda), always does the opening mash-up DJ set in Second Life before the club in San Francisco opens. She's really been the one instrumental in keeping Bootie alive in SL," DJ Adrian says

Other DJs, like Nexeus Fatale, work not only at his nightclub The High, but freelances other gigs DJing primary life-based SL parties for The L Word, H&R Block and CSI: NY and others.

Thoroughly confused? Well, here is my simple solution. SLUG and a host of local club icons will be throwing a monthly club night. For one year I will delve into the world of nightclubbing on this earth and beyond to bring you what I think is the hottest stuff in the scene. The first step (there will be 12) will be the acceptance of a future that you cannot change. Simply called First Life, it will have a '90s theme with DJ Rainbow Tay and will be hosted by Gorgeous Jared Gomez. This party will be simulcast in Second Life by live video feed and reversed into the nightclub so we can witness the hot avatar action that shows up to our club there. I'm sure that's never been done here before.

In this world with war, recession, disaster and a bleak political outlook, I get it. We need escapism whereever we can find it. For me, I'll continue to be a man in a dress, cause honey, I can barely keep this life from unraveling at its haute couture seams.

Party info: Thursday, Oct. 24th, Bliss Night Club. Guest list 'til 11 pm. For more info and guest list: