Masked Epsilon
Crystal Catacombs
(Original Soundtrack)
Street: 06.06
Masked Epsilon = Anamanaguchi + Conquer Monster + The Legend of Zelda

As someone who has maybe played two hours of video games in her entire life, I’m not exactly the person to ask for opinions on a new one. However, this well-produced album is the soundtrack to a locally made online game that’s almost as nostalgic as blowing the dust out of your old Nintendo cartridges. The pixelated graphics fit perfectly with the chiptune soundtrack, and the game has an interesting story to go with it—a sailor spends days on end searching for the legendary “Crystal Catacombs.” Fans of both chiptune music and nostalgic video games will enjoy this release. The album can be found on and a demo of the game can be found on –Julia Sachs