Pillow Dragon
Teen Witch
Street: 06.21
Pillow Dragon = Covenant + Health / Front 242
Pillow Dragon are a local duo that have taken the purest elements of industrial and combined them with a modern-day feel. The best example I can give of this combination is “Repulse,” a catchy beat layered on top of subtle synth and laced with smooth, controlled vocals. My only complaint is that Tony J. Rivas, Pillow Dragon’s vocalist, has amazing vocals that aren’t featured as prominently on this album as they should be. The carefully constructed beats and background elements of synth make this the type of album where you hear something new each time you listen to it. If you’re a purist in the industrial scene or a fan of EBM, this album will no doubt offer you something new and enjoyable to listen to. –Seeth McGavien