September 2013 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Ready The Rockets – Self-Titled

Ready The Rockets
Street: 04.21
Ready The Rockets = Screaming Trees + R.E.M. + Pearl Jam
This six-song release is concise and nicely executed. The musicians that comprise Ready The Rockets each contribute their instrument well and the vocals complete the material nicely. Overall, the album seems to be a nod to the alternative favorites from the ‘90s. The album’s third track, “For a Few Dollars More,” has some hints of Weezer, and the vocals on the last song, “Witches of Pioneer Park,” give me some Eddie Vedder vibe for sure. If you love ‘90s-style alternative tunes, this album is a great take on the genre. Lucky us, they’re locals, so check them out live at your favorite local haunts—they’ve been getting action all around our salty town. –Ischa B.