June 2014 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Regurgitated – Pieces

Blunt Force Records
Street: 03.28
Regurgitated = Nile +
Severed Savior + Putrid Pile
Regurgitated is only a one-man project (though he’s assisted by session musician Adrian Gallegos), which is surprising, because with my time spent listening to Pieces, it almost sounds like I’m listening to a full band. Give or take a few quirks, the drum machine—most times—sounds more natural than a lot of other one-man death outfits. While the band touts itself as brutal death metal, I get as much a vibe of tech death as the brutal stuff from the album. The guitar style is distinctly different for the genre. Regurgitated likes to retain his heaviness in either slow, punishing acts of violence or maniacal, demolition-style riff pulsations. Also different from the one-man norm is the unique guitar solo style—melodic a lot of the time as well as having a huge and wondrous atmospheric affect. This Riverdale death junkie deserves an audience, so go grab the tunes and push the “blast” button. –Bryer Wharton