June 2014 Local Music Reviews

Local Review: Richard Tyler Epperson – Hourglass

Richard Tyler Epperson
Street: 04.08
Richard Tyler Epperson = Bob Schneider + Explosions in the Sky
This mix of often sweet-sounding acoustic guitar and multi-layered instrumentation is definitely pop-radio ready. Honeyed vocals and saccharine, sometimes cheesed-out lyrics work together with soft effects to create a warm blanket of music to envelop your eardrums. Spacey electronic effects and lilting piano add to the album’s velvety dimensions. The entire work is beautifully produced. On the other hand, the style presented has been done many times before, and comes across a bit lackluster and unexciting. Two songs, “Like Always” and “Lights,” are distinctively glitchy. Chilly piano melodies and whiplashing minor-key instrumentation sets “Like Always” apart from the rest of the album. In the end, Hourglass is pretty and easy to listen to. –LeAundra Jeffs