Local Reviews: Bears on Parade/Everywhere

Bears on Parade/Everywhere
Insert a Plug into a Socket split
Street: 03.10
Bears on Parade and Everywhere = Baby Birds Don’t Drink Milk + Viking Fuck + Woodsman
Although I don’t find the music incredibly interesting, I love this split on principle. Insert a Plug into a Socket is a DIY, hand-dubbed, tape-only release with typewritten j-cards and a rattlecan colored cassette shell. Now don’t get me wrong—these bands are excellent at what they do, but there’s only so much of this drifty, ambien(t) music I can take before I nod off into a content slumber. I don’t understand ambient pop music at all. (In fact, would somebody write me an Ambient Manifesto? Email it to me. I promise I’ll get it published somewhere.) However, I was driving with someone who listens to this kind of stuff, and he really dug it. He compared it to a Jackson Pollock painting. Assholes who don’t have any concept of art will say, “Man, my six year-old could paint this.” I don’t know any six year-olds with synthesizers or looping devices, so I think these guys’ music careers are safe.