Local Reviews: Swedish-ish Fish

Swedish-ish Fish
Boys Are Bad Kissers
Street: 05.05
Swedish-ish Fish = Lisa Loeb + Shawn Colvin + Jill Sobule
Quite simply, it’s a girl and her guitar. Never a genre to be underestimated, acoustic folk rock will always find an audience—and with minimal gear and wrangling necessary, the ability to play out and in a variety of venues or simply on the street makes it even easier to expand the fan base. Mistakes are more difficult to hide, but they’re also much more likely to be forgiven by the fans who appreciate this very raw and true to life approach to music and music production. Boys are Bad Kissers is stripped-down, no real production at all, just naked music, decorated only with the equally bare words of a highly emotive artist. It’s a fine offering, and I would suspect the show, too, would be captivating and charming in its simplicity. Listen outside, under the sky—Swedish-ish Fish will be a fine future addition to Lilith Fair.