Local Reviews: The Future of The Ghost

The Future of The Ghost
A Blessing for Your Heart
Kilby Records
Street: 03.26
TFOTG = Red Tape + early Weezer + Watashi Wa 
Every member of the band The Future of the Ghost has been making music and friends in Utah for many years. That’s why it is not with a blessed heart, but with a heavy one, that I have to admit that I’m personally not a fan of the band’s new sound. For their second full-length release, original members Will Sartain and Cathy Foy have recruited Matt Paulos of Mathematics Et Cetera and Andrew Sato of Palace of Buddies, and composed a set of songs that strips away some of their previous experimentation to make room for sincerely cheerful, bright melodies. In that objective they succeed, but unfortunately, the skeletal simplicity left to the songs quickly becomes boring. With its ultra-repetitive choruses and juvenile lyrics, this is an album I would expect to hear from much less experienced musicians.