The Black History Month Gallery Show helped set the tone for what is in store in terms of community-based fundraising for FICE.

Black History Month Gallery Show @ FICE Gallery, 02.26


FICE Gallery and Boutique’s Black History Month Gallery Show showcased local visual artists and musicians during an evening planned to “put together an amazing lineup of contemporary black artists, creators and brands equipped with a common vision to enlighten, encourage and inspire through their respective mediums.” Being a curated space for locals to sell their clothing or art among national brands, the connection and comfortability of FICE‘s customer base with the space almost feels familial.

The Black History Month Gallery Show was both hosted inside of the FICE 2nd and 2nd storefront and in the lot south of the boutique. Attendees could either experience the musical concert experience outside (created and hosted by Social Antidote) with the lineup consisting of Ben Ra, Joshy and Younga$$NICO or admire the artwork displayed indoors from local artists Chris Owens, Matthew Sketch and Leslie D. Pippin and national artists Macarson Not For Them, Nosego and Joshua Renfroe. Lining the front (north) end of the store were silver racks heavy with clothing from local brands Avenues PC and Okito Brand, as well as Little Africa Brand and H33M Brand from Los Angeles. Other collaborators for the event include Casual Fridays Magazine and Hoods to the Woods, a nonprofit that helps inner-city youth explore nature. 

A quarter way through the night, the concentrated electricity in the air manifested itself into large snowflakes that floated down on the attendees enjoying the music outside. Dancing in their own socially distanced areas, the audience took in the weather change without bother, each flake holding a different color as the stage lights changed and reflected off of them. The environment outside almost felt warm, as if the scene existed inside its own little snowglobe, untouched by the outside world. Between musical acts, DJs Concise Kilgore and Radical Jones played sets and offered background music for friends finding and greeting each other in the crowd after what seemed like a long time apart—a fair assumption, as events like these are rare during our current COVID-19 conditions.

After a successful evening, FICE donated 100% of the evening’s commissions and all donations to Hoods to the Woods. This event helped set the tone for what is in store in terms of community-based fundraising for FICE, leaving supporters eager for the next event.