Iceburn, Gladbirds, Stoneface performed at Johnny B's in October of 1991.

Concert Review: Iceburn, Gladbirds, Stoneface


Stoneface was the surprise of this evening. Added to the bill at the last minute, I’m assuming, these boys from Payson are aspiring mini-Yodelers. Heavy, flowing guitars provided the base on which they built their music. While not as complex as the Yod Gods, these boys are in the early stages of their band and have some time to perfect their music. Definitely a promising new band. Catch them in October at The Pompadour.


Gladbirds are one of my favorite local bands these days: super ‘70s rock for the ‘90s. Starting their set with a jazzy number, their energy built to a high as they worked their way through their music. Imagine King Crimson teaming up with Soundgarden and you have some idea of where they’re coming from. Gladbirds play tight together and are well-polished musicians.


Iceburn. Unfortunately, the audience didn’t seem to be there to enjoy the bands but to have a good time in spite of the bands. Welcome to Provo. 





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