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Concert Review: T.S.O.L. & Truce November 14 @ The Pompadour


Well, SLUG heads, another month has come and gone, this time around finding us at The Pompadour to view T.S.O.L. and local faves, Truce. Coming up with anything new about Truce is becoming increasingly difficult, but we will say this band is just getting better and better every time we see them. They do have a new drummer, who they have been playing with for about a month (as of the show). We were able to speak with Steve (guitar) after the show and he filled us in on the goings on of the band. Right now they are getting ready for the Exodus show on December 8th at the Fairgrounds, so check your rock calendars for details. We will definitely be there, and you should be, too.

T.S.O.L., originally based in Los Angeles, played to a rather sparse crowd that night. You dear readers must come out and support the underground. From what they presented to the crowd, we could see the years of touring have not gone without imparting some road savvy on these guys. They held the crowd together quite nicely and put forth an enjoyable set. If anything, they appeared to be too much like a Guns N’ Roses wannabe band to take too seriously. Most of their tunes dealt with the same old formulaic lyrics and riffs that now plague the FM airwaves.

We had the good fortune to talk with Mitch Dean (drums) before the show. In case you didn’t know, T.S.O.L. was formed in Long Beach in 1978. Four guys by the names of Jack, Todd, Ron and Mike started the whole thing ten years ago. Jack and Todd quit the band in ‘82 and Mitch and Joe Wood (vocals) joined. They proceeded to work the LA club circuit for the next three years, playing, as Mitch puts it, “our balls right off.” Soon afterward, Mike quit and Scotty Joined and they started again. Before long, adversity reared its ugly head, and Ron developed a drug problem and left the band (let this be a lesson to you readers). He was replaced by Dave Mello and the band began yet again.

They were signed by Enigma Records, but Enigma folded from under them leaving them with no record company, no radio airplay, no MTV, no nothing. Meanwhile, all their buddies in LA were making the bigs and headlining major venues. Mitch just hopes their time will come too.

On this tour, they are promoting their latest effort “Strange Love.” They have been touring for the last ten weeks. Some of you may remember last August when they were here with Circus of Power and Every Mother’s Nightmare. They toured with them for about four weeks, took a week off and then started this leg of their tour before heading home, where they plan on taking some time off. Then they’ll start working on their new album. But, hey. That’s the life of a rock ‘n roll band, right? Like Mitch told us: “We got a van, we got a trailer for the equipment, we’re out here getting paid to do what we like to do —who can complain, right?” Right.

Before leaving, Mitch told us they have friends in all the cities they’ve played in, and they like to play Salt Lake. So how about it, children of the night, how about showing up in droves next time they come through? Until next time, Sly & Wiz.

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