Sharon Van Etten performing live music

Julien Baker, Angel Olsen, Sharon Van Etten @ Gallivan Center 08.06


August 6 was a night that many people could have only dreamed about. Thanks to the Twilight Concert Series, three beloved artists, Julien Baker, Angel Olsen and Sharon Van Etten, graced the stage, leaving their audience in complete awe. 

Storms rolled through the city nearly the entire day and thousands of people wondered if they would have the opportunity to see the three artists come together on one stage. The build up for a show like this is unmeasurable to anyone who follows the highly emotional, overwhelmingly beautiful and incredibly unique form of female indie-rock music. As the day moved along and time grew closer for the show to start, the storm hadn’t let up. It seemed as if the show was going to be canceled. However, people did not lose faith. Massive crowds began to gather outside the Gallivan Center to show Julien, Angel and Sharon that they were willing to stand in any storm if the artists were willing to play. Indeed, the weather began to clear up. Clouds started moving out, and all hands were on deck to get the stage prepped. Julien Baker showed that she would not give up on her audience when she posted a video to her Instagram story, showing her on the stage, personally drying up the puddles beneath her feet. At that moment, and through the discovery of Julien and her crew’s dedication to perform, the audience knew they were in for something incredible.

Opening the show was Quinn Christopherson, an incredible artist out of Anchorage, Alaska, who brought pure joy and happiness to the Gallivan Center. They provided a very necessary opening that helped build the anticipation to see three of the most beautiful female artists completely crush it. Just as Quinn closed up his set, you could hear the audience’s screams build and grow louder. At that moment, Julien Baker made her appearance, and the show was officially underway. Giving the crowd just what they expected and more, Julien reached the hearts of just about everyone in the crowd, setting up quite the scene for her good friend and the next performer, Angel Olsen.

With Angel taking the stage, people were once again blown away at the country like tempo and tones that Angel so poetically delivered through her music. The crowd was on their feet once again and moving to Angel’s energy. Eventually, Angel’s set came to a successful end, which meant the last performer was about to come out. 

Sharon Van Etten ended the night with a performance the likes of which I and many other people have never seen. With so much power, emotion and energy, Van Etten completely blew her audience out of the water. The music, the lights, the gestalt of her set was something unexplainable, something that can only be experienced.

As Sharon ended her set, the night proved to be an absolute success. To those who follow this genre of music, this highly emotional form of female indie rock/folk, August 6 was a dream. With the clouds parting, and the storms moving out, people were left to see and hear a dream-come-true show.

With this being the first concert of the Twilight Concert Series, you can guarantee that the next few concerts will be just as incredible. With shows on August 11 and 16, as well as September 2 and 30, there are plenty of opportunities to see artists such as, the Decemberist, Shakey Graves, Cuco, and the Band of Horses.

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