Wonder Crash (L–R): John Bray, Jamie Shuman, Dave Bagley (back), Chris Camberlango

New Band Spotlight: Wonder Crash


There’s a hot new band, and you certainly ought to take a look at them. The name is Wonder Crash, and the members are John Bray (Bass), Jamie Shuman (drums), Dave Bagley (vocals, guitar) and Chris Camberlango (guitar, vocals).

They have only performed one time since they have been together, but it was very good. They played with Tragic Mulatto on October 18th at The Word. The set was only about a half hour long to accommodate the evening’s line up, but I got the picture. These boys have been kicking around the underground scene for a long time, so eyes were on them that night. Needless to say, with names like Boxcar Kids, Massacre Guys, Potato Heads and The Blood Poets under their belts, one thing they are not lacking is experience. The songs are very well written with catchy riffs and dynamic chord progressions. The songs also have a lot of variation from one to the next, so listening won’t get tedious. Bagley’s vocals are brilliant—I had never heard him sing before, but I really like his voice. Their music and his voice combine to make a very unique sound for a Salt Lake band soon to be making quite a mark on this town. Try to see them play sometime. They will be at Reptile Records November 11th with Dinosaur Bones and Boy Wonder, who will be making their debut performance. 

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