January 1990 - Issue 13 masthead

New Year’s Eve At Cinema In Your Face


Whether or not you had a cool yule, Cinema In Your Face was the place to be for the Eve of “A New Year’s Party You Probably Won’t Remember”. However, it certainly was a memorable show and vintage fun for all. But, if I fail to mention some stuff, you’ll know that I tried to recollect and… Well, hell… What do you expect from Lars’ insufferable and debilitating hangover? Heh, heh. A fucking wicked hangover that has sabotaged my immediate ability to accurately enunciate last night’s proceedings! Heh. Let’s get the bad news over with first. It stink, stank, stunk that there wasn’t enough meatless pizza for hungry vegetarians. Even that’s pretty good news. Since it was the first to go, that means there’s an increase of veg-conscious mentalities now infiltrating the scene. Damn good thing too.

I’ve never caught this Common Place outfit before. Shit, I’m glad they didn’t live up to their mediocre name. Hardly! This is a substantive, aural band. If you enjoy mod-core as much as I do, CP serves it up well. As I am of the female gender, it’s wonderful to see more and more input from women in the underground. The vocalist (stupid me, I shoulda thought at the time to retrieve her name for this interview) has a prolific and seasoned voice, Check them out when next you have the opportunity.

Boy Wonder! Exclamation point! Many were anticipating this chance to view them play this show and weren’t disappointed. Far from. I heard those standing by me, emphatically remark “These girls are cool”. They weren’t fibbin’! Say, perhaps BW’s playing on this particular New Year’s is apropos, eh? Heidi (on lead vocals) has to be one of the most natural performers I’ve witnessed. The group turned out a brisk and agile set. Very invigorating! Hopefully, their repertoire will broaden soon. The fact that BW exhibited a composite and confident form for so young and fresh a band, is evidently a sign of better and better things to come from them. You just wait-n-see! And I think it’s safe to say that even our venerated music expert, Braunch, seemed to be pleased. Kudos, gals.

Next came what is easily my favorite local band, Dinosaur Bones. They indubitably won this position with me when I bought their 13-song cassette. I’m also the proud owner of DB’s variegated T-shirt and its caustic, insipid logo: American White Trash” on the back. As always, Otto, Bip and Shirly were ostentatiously clad in wacky attire. And thank god for it, they were true showmen. Too few bands have the grits and fortitude to do this. It sounds to me like they might have a new signature piece “Dino Gods”, a debut tune for the eager ears of everyone in the surrounding locale. Was it damn good or what? Here’s your answer: everybody sprouted prehensile toes and jammed on the subterraneous groovy ground. Oh, yea! They kept turning up the heat, too. Go out of your way to catch these accomplished musicians and their latest tape.

Around midnight, I kinda missed that we didn’t sing the obligatory “Auld Lang Syne” but Wonder Crash’s “Happy Nightmare” did a helluva lot more than merely suffice at the moment. Besides that, I was knocked off my socks by a rather uncanny piece of theirs, “Corner”. There’s just something about Dave’s incisive vocals that act as an aphrodisiac agent. So Watch-out people, WC is potent. And they’re one of the best local acts around. And guys, the stage presence has vastly improved. Ha, ha, I swear, you’d think that after all the prodding by the bands, some folks in the audience were still bent on suctioning their inanimate being to the CIYF fixtures like bobbs of protoplasm. Next time, remind me to bring a pitchfork. Some personages need a blistering fire lit under their asses. And hey, all the bands put on a great show. Those who came for a lax sit-o-rama, wound-up getting bombarded by candy grenades compliments of WC. Yup, that was my signal to commence firing too. WC also shelled-out noise-makers, wrapped gifts and other such paraphernalia. Good Godfreys, Despite their prostrating poops in their chairs, plenty of the rest of us would not settle for goin’ stir crazy. Nope! We had an inflamed case of the dancing conniption fits!

Resolutions? Who needs ‘em when there are local bands like these. I’m unceasingly amazed by them. Forgive my zealous bias, but reverse psychology and Dino Bones rule supreme! Oh…and Jamie, you can sit on my lap any ol’ time, bro. Don’t forget to keep your soul resolved by nihilizing in the 90s. 

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