“I feel like it’s gonna be mean,” McColgan said. “They’ll be musical stretches. It’s like akin to a battle royal wrestling match with Thin Lizzy, AC-DC, Stiff Little Fingers, U2, TV on the Radio, Bloc Party, The Clancy Brothers. There’s a lot going on in there, y’know.”

Yet, McColgan assures that though they continue to evolve as a band, the messages and themes are still the same.

“We grew a little bit collectively, as a band musically, and stayed true to ourselves and what we do. It’s unmistakably us and I feel like you’re going to see eleven or twelve songs that are potent, impassioned, powerful, and it’s going to be a great record.”

The upcoming fourth release is still untitled, but bassist Johnny Rioux said one of the new songs has drawn inspiration. “We have a track on the record called “A State of Grace.” The lyrics in the song express that we’re all searching for a state of grace. That resonates heavily with the group, and I think the songs collectively, so we’re leaning that direction.” Rioux said.

The Street Dogs not only have a new release on the way, but they have found a new home on Hellcat Records, a subsidiary of Epitaph. McColgan feels it was the most logical place for the band. “It’s a great place and they really let you have artistic control and do what you want. That’s big for a band like us because we couldn’t have a suit come in the studio and say ‘play it like this so it can get played on the radio.’ We gotta be able to do what we want to do.”

Rioux said he’s excited about hitting the road and wants fans to be ready to throw down. “We’re gonna expect more crowd participation and more singing along. If you don’t find your CD before you come see the show at a record store, download that thing, steal the record, learn the songs, sing along, set off the pit, and have fun with us.”