The known Jackass is currently touting his new compilation CD effort Vol 2. of his Viva La Bands compilation (a CD/DVD combo featuring Bam’s favorite bands and a slew of unreleased material). In conjunction with this CD release, Bam and some other big-time sponsors have unleashed the second installment of the Viva La Bands tour making its way to Salt Lake City at Saltair on Oct. 15. The tour features three very-well known and popular bands in their own realms.

First up on the block is the mighty GWAR. Anybody who is remotely cool knows who GWAR is and knows that their stage show is legendary and something to behold. The costumed menaces have been playing SLC pretty frequently this year, mainly in support of their newest Beyond Hell record.

They headlined at Saltair a while back with Municipal Waste supporting and then returned as recent as August with The Sounds of the Underground tour. There are no excuses here if you missed them before. Now is the time to witness the mayhem that is GWAR’s blood-spurting, dummy-murdering theatrical and musical extravaganza.

Second on the bill in an entirely different musical realm than GWAR is CKY, an obviously biased choice from Bam since his brother plays drums in the band. CKY have been playing their unique style of post-punk/hardcore for quite a while now, but playing after GWAR does have its downside so it will be interesting to see how the show actually jives with this huge musical difference.

Thirdly, and if they are meant to be a headliner or not I don’t know, is Cradle of Filth the long standing British gothic black metal band. Salt Lake fans are most likely rejoicing at the fact that COF is coming back to town.

I honestly cannot remember the last time they have played a show here. I know it has been quite a while and quite a few albums since they’ve made a tour route through Utah. Personally, I think the band is the weakest part of the tour and the only band that makes me not flat out excited to see the show.

So whether you like Bam Margera or not, at least thank him for bringing his tour to Salt Lake, that pretty much offers something for every music fan. The end result could be good or could clash and be a mess amongst each of the bands fans.