(L–R) Cameron Pablo, Gable Price, Daniel Vargas and Adam Elizarraraz. Photo courtesy of Gable Price and Friends

Gable Price and Friends: DIY Festival Headliner


The 15th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Fest Presented by Harmons will feature national headliners for the first time as part of their performer lineup! Alongside other renowned artists, midwest outfit Gable Price and Friends and Provo-natives turned L.A.-based act Sego will be joining the DIY Fest stage Friday, August 11 and Saturday, August 12, respectively. Check out our interviews with these two bands as we discuss their musical progressions and excitement to perform at the festival.

Born and raised in the midwest, Gable Price’s musical journey began young and, since the mid 2010s, has revolved around his highly successful and critically acclaimed project, eponymously named Gable Price and Friends. Alongside lead vocalist and guitarist Price, the band features guitarist Adam Elizarraraz, drummer Daniel Vargas and guitarist Cameron Pablo (with bassist Zach Luper joining for a handful of live dates). The band has a raucous, electrifying rock sound comparable to earlier, edgier Arctic Monkeys material blended with the pop-rock sensibilities of groups such as The Killers or Imagine Dragons. Tracks from their most recent album, 2022’s The Consequence of Being Alive, have accrued over 1 million plays on streaming services, denoting their enduring success.

A defining element of the group’s music comes from Price’s velvety voice and introspective lyrics. On the standout single from Consequence, “I Don’t Wanna Live Like This,” Price delivers a barn-burning, dive-bar-singalong hook: “I don’t wanna live like this / I don’t wanna end up bitter either way / So I’ll take my Kool-Aid microwaved,” he sings, combining sarcastic nihilism and deep, emotional truths in his trademark style. Since the release of Consequence, Gable Price and Friends have been on a seemingly endless tour around the states—find more info about their tour and music through their website, gablepriceandfriends.com or follow their Instagram @gablepriceandfriends.

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