The reboot of Spilt Ink stemmed, as all good things do, from local music. “We both had bands, and we wanted to print our bands’ posters and merchandise,” Milne says. Conder plays in satanic heavy metal band Settle Down and the super-polished, ’90s-influenced pop band Bon Vivant. Wilkinson plays in Red Telephone, a crock pot of ’60s-revival love music with some “satanic, devil-worshipping, Black Sabbath–type stuff,” as he puts it, and the surfy skater-punk, garage-rock band Breakers with Milne, who also plays in Pest Rulz. Preece is in Max Pain and The Groovies, which is all about those psychedelic blues tunes.“The music is what got us all into this industry,” says Milne. “It’s what keeps us all cracking jokes every day at the shop, laughing like hyenas.”