Burggraf displaying her guitar amid the Utah scenery.

Andrea Burggraf: CLC Performer

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Local performers, artisans, DIY engineers, chefs and crafty innovators come together for the 10th Annual Craft Lake City DIY Festival at the Gallivan Center. This-three day weekend, Aug. 10–12, will encapsulate the craftsmanship that our city cultivates while celebrating Utah’s movers and shakers. Spread across the breadth of these pages are peeks into some of what this year’s DIY Festival will feature. Bring your family, friends, lovers to enjoy what this year’s festival has to offer! Visit craftlakecity.com to learn more about this community enriching event!

Andrea Burggraf is Utah’s nomadic child, having lived the folkloric life traveling the world and discovering her troubadour soul. “Six years ago, I was in Costa Rica … I had met a group of street performers from Mexico who took me in and asked me, ‘So what can you do well?’ The next day, my friend spotted me 10 bucks for a bus ride to San Jose, where I spent the last of my money on the cheapest violin I could find. Since then, I have spent seasons playing my songs and being inspired by amazing multicultural musicians in Mexico, Switzerland, Costa Rica, Croatia, Morocco … and then I get to bring that all back home to Utah!”

Burggraf is inspired by the complex tension of storytelling and strife intersecting with cultural variation. “I find exploring world folk music to be incredibly interesting … an old folk song by Fred Keller, ‘Blue Mountain,’ tells of an outlaw judge finding refuge in Monticello, Utah. Cultures narrate their stories through song. This often musicalizing of experiences allows us to immortalize people, places and stories.”

Burggraf’s expansive experiences translate beautifully into her contemplative, conscious and eclectic songwriting, which remains as organic as her adventuring. Her songwriting style is gutsy and courageous, paired with a rich vocal style that sets her apart from traditional folk vocals. Referencing her inspirations such as Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse and Cesaria Evora, “What I love about these ladies is that they sing from the heart!” she says.

Burrgraf may be a Utah native, but she’s a wanderer. Her musical and geographical meandering will pause for a moment so she can grace the stage at this year’s festival. “I’m always so impressed to see the way Salt Lake is growing as a hub for art and culture. Craft Lake City is a great platform for local artists to showcase what they love to do and for the city to come out to enjoy and support that. We have such a diverse community of talented artists, and I’m really excited to be able to be part of that this year.

Editorial Note: Since the publication of this article, Burggraf has cancelled her performance at the DIY Festival due to unforeseen circumstances.