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Beats for Sale! Chance Lewis

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Whether you’re an up-and-coming emcee or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of locally grown hip-hop producers with beats for sale. Why pay top-shelf prices for a mediocre song by a nationally known artist when we have such quality musical production in our own backyard? These musicians—Chance Lewis, Clearsauce, Finale Grand and Piccolo—fit the bill and come from a wide range of backgrounds and influences. Whether you’re an old-school rapper or new-school trapper, give these producers’ work a spin. With so many styles and tracks to choose from, someone will definitely have a track that calls their name.

Chance Lewis
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Chance Lewis is a perfect choice for versatile rappers who love to keep up with uptempo beats. Hailing from Provo, Chance Lewis is a passionate creator of all types of music. His eclectic style and influences directly translate to the beats he produces. If you’re a rapper who likes to experiment and who doesn’t feel the need to be confined to one genre, then Chance Lewis is the beat producer for you! Chance has an impeccable sense for drum fills and kit production, which keeps every song he writes jumping along at a quick and catchy pace. If you are unafraid to tighten up your flow and meter, then choose Chance Lewis to produce your next beat. Your lyrical prowess will thank you.


“Down” is perfect for an emcee who is looking for a hard-lined banger. The beat is relentless, with vibrating bass and catchy samples pummeling their way through each and every bar. “Down” features a low-toned vocal sample, which is the perfect fit for a rapper who is looking for something with a Southern, dirty, modern trap style. This beat is an earlier work by Chance Lewis and has a raw and unapologetic feel to it. Each sample and riff on this instrumental is carefully made and royalty-free, so you can rest easy when buying this track to use for yourself.


“Baddest” is a great track for someone who is looking to make a danceable single. The beat is low-key and spacey, but has a pop/EDM feel to it. “Baddest” is made with classic 808 drum kits that are tweaked slightly with reverb for a more atmospheric feel. This instrumental sounds as if it was abducted by aliens and then poked and prodded with a range of strange, futuristic tools. It is guaranteed to go well with any type of vocals, whether it be a slow and melodic or quicker, more uptempo rhyming style. “Baddest” is calling the name of any emcee with the courage and ability to make a modern-day, trippy and trappy masterpiece.


This track is the perfect beat for a long springtime drive or road trip. The drum kit is simple and old-school and keeps the track moving along nicely. There is a sunny, reverberated string sample throughout the track that will keep any listener drumming their fingers on the steering wheel and bobbing their head. Chance is prepared to be commissioned out by any interested emcee to finish this track with their own stylistic guidance. Jump at the opportunity to collaborate and give input to the beat you are spending your hard-earned dollars on! Chance has a ton of beat previews, and all he needs is a willing emcee to put their voice on what very well could be the summertime jam of 2017.