Beats for Sale! Finale Grand

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Whether you’re an up-and-coming emcee or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of locally grown hip-hop producers with beats for sale. Why pay top-shelf prices for a mediocre song by a nationally known artist when we have such quality musical production in our own backyard? These musicians—Chance LewisClearsauce, Finale Grand and Piccolo—fit the bill and come from a wide range of backgrounds and influences. Whether you’re an old-school rapper or new-school trapper, give these producers’ work a spin. With so many styles and tracks to choose from, someone will definitely have a track that calls their name.

Finale Grand

Finale Grand is the renaissance producer you’ve been searching for! Armed with an Akai MPC 4000 and a vast knowledge of all types of music, Finale Grand is able to pump out professional, aesthetically sound hip-hop beats that stretch across virtually any genre. A man of many talents, Finale Grand is also a DJ (perfect for your next mixtape release) and a music video producer. A lover of jazz and all types of hip-hop styles, Finale Grand has worked with local emcees like Eenee One, Dusk and many more. With the help of local rapper and long-time friend Concise Kilgore, Finale Grand has worked with some of the heavy hitters of hip-hop music, including Brand Nubian, Zion I and Rasco. Finale Grand is a veteran of the production game and will bring some zest and flavor to your next mixtape. Trust a professional and trust one of the best. Choose Finale Grand for your next piece of hip-hop history.

“NYRO” – $50

This beat is perfect for a boom-bap-style rapper with deep, jazzy roots. A vintage drum kit is sonically pleasing, slightly filtered and beautifully nostalgic. Chopped-up vocals sing their way through the song, and there is a “back in the day” feel to the whole aesthetic of this beat. “Nyro” is made for old heads who appreciate a well-made sample and the rich mosaic of influences that have shaped hip-hop into what it is today. This beat can work for virtually any type of emcee, from the cool and melodic to the upbeat and personal. Let the simple bass line and quality drum kit inspire you and take your lyrics any way they want to go.

“WANZEL” – $50

This beat is a space banger that has gone into overdrive. The bass is blaring, lulling listeners into its futuristic, trap-like trance. This track is perfect for the spaced-out yet upbeat rapper who wants to make a danceable track. As the hi-hat rattles its way through, a simple hand clap suffices as a snare. “Wanzel” is perfect for the emcee who wants to try something different and prove their versatility in a modern way. It’s simple, it’s galactic, and it’s real. Let “Wanzel” spice up your next mixtape.

“BEBOP” – $50

“BeBop” is a song straight off of a disco dance floor. An eclectic combination of funk, rock, and hip-hop, this beat is for the worldly emcee who isn’t afraid to stray away from the strict confines of today’s rap. BeBop sports high-quality drum fills and samples that will keep any listener bobbing their head. A simple yet enticing bass line just begs to be rapped over as it takes a walk across this beat, followed closely by a killer guitar sample. Take a risk and invest in the songs of the past with “BeBop.” Any emcee with varying meters and lyrical styles could slide over this beat with ease.