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Whether you’re an up-and-coming emcee or a seasoned veteran, there are plenty of locally grown hip-hop producers with beats for sale. Why pay top-shelf prices for a mediocre song by a nationally known artist when we have such quality musical production in our own backyard? These musicians—Chance LewisClearsauce, Finale Grand and Piccolo—fit the bill and come from a wide range of backgrounds and influences. Whether you’re an old-school rapper or new-school trapper, give these producers’ work a spin. With so many styles and tracks to choose from, someone will definitely have a track that calls their name.


Each and every beat for sale is made with love and sourced locally, right where Piccolo lays his head to rest each night. Photo:

Piccolo has the beats you want at the price you deserve! Hailing from Salt Lake City’s elite rap group Dine Krew, each Piccolo beat is created with tender love and care. With samples from music and movies all across the board, no one will be able to downplay the variety or uniqueness of these beats! Don’t let other producers outsource you with cookie-cutter production. Each and every beat for sale is made with love and sourced locally, right where Piccolo lays his head to rest each night. From dollar records to obscure movie quotes, Piccolo only sources the highest-quality, cutting-edge samples in each and every track. Dine Krew trust Piccolo, and so should you. Put passion in your art, and get a beat from a producer who does the same.

“SYMPHONY 21/2” – $40

Buy this beat to get premier access to some old-school, MF Doom–style vibes. This track will make your listeners feel like they’ve been teleported into a ’60s sci-fi movie. There are lots of banging kicks and snares to rap over for emcees with jumpy, upbeat lyrics. An eerie sample from a horror movie plays in the beginning to gear listeners up for what lies ahead. This beat is calling for a well-versed rapper with a dark and quirky flow. Let the horns and string sections sweep you away to Nevada deserts, where UFOs are never far away.

“FRENZY” – $30

This beat matches its title perfectly. A funky bass line slaps through the track, circling over and over until its simplicity and perfection get stuck in your head. Beautiful samples of strings follow the bass line, spiraling the listener deeper and deeper as the track progresses. This is the type of beat that is always moving forward, but like a kid who’s lost in the forest, it somehow finds itself right back where it started—perfect for a mad-scientist type of emcee who needs to get something off their chest. A simple jazz-kit combo of a hi-hat and snare pairs well with the melody of the track, keeping it simple with accurate time. This beat is just waiting to be torn apart with a tornado of lyrics from a forward-thinking rapper.

“CRUISE” – $30

Imagine yourself taking a long drive in your dad’s ’58 Buick while listening to this beat. The windows are open, and the warm summer air is blowing ever so slightly as you drive down the street. “Cruise” is light and carefree, ideal for the emcee who wants to take their shoes off, kick back and relax. The melody runs slowly and smoothly throughout, and a jazz horn dances lazily in the background. There is no hurry, and the lyrics can lazily twist themselves up with the instruments. Buy this beat, kick your feet up and see where nostalgia takes you as you write the lyrics to your next jam.