For those of you who thought you invented punk when you first heard Crass, here’s a crash course in the history of independent-minded music.

Hate X9 – “An American Band”

Music Interviews

Four-member speedcore band consisting of: lead singer Shame, guitarist R.U., bass player Rosta and drummer Danno. They have been together since January 12th of this year.

This is a band to experience, portrayed by “Hate X9” spray painted across a stage-size American flag, R.U. and Shame clad in American flags (or at least very small pieces) and another flag draped across probably one of the most impressive drum sets in the Salt Lake alternative scene (which gets the singer all the girls).

Shame explains it, “We’re an American band, so various establishments donated American flags to us.” Hate X9’s not always trying to make a statement with their appearance and music—some of it is just “totally fun.” However, some songs express their dislike toward the rotten way people treat each other—the crumbsuckers, and management in general. The song “Crumby” states, “Everyone says you need management if you ever want to go somewhere, we don’t believe that, we do everything ourself.” Hate X9 doesn’t have management. And so far, without it, they have produced an EP under their own label, R.U. Dead. They are also in the process of setting up a possibly international tour (depending upon where their records will sell best) with help from Brad Collins, (KRCL DJ and Owner of Raunch Records). Lead singer Shame states, “sometimes people don’t know how to take us. At first they just stand there and look at us, but they always clap at the end of songs, so I guess we impressed them some way or another.”

Hate X9: “We don’t wanna be rockstars, we just wanna have fun!”