Desert Noises

Brennan Allen – Drums
Kyle Henderson – Vocals/Guitar
Pat Boyers – Guitar
Tyler Osmond – Bass
SLUG: This is your second time going to SXSW—why keep going back?
DN: It’s where you can make a lot of connections and meet people. It’s also fun and great to play a lot of music in a short amount of time.
"We have had some great live reviews come out of [SXSW]—it’s a great way to get good press."
“We have had some great live reviews come out of [SXSW]—it’s a great way to get good press.”
SLUG: How has the festival benefitted the band?
DN: We have had some great live reviews come out of there—it’s a great way to get good press.
SLUG: Any standout shows or experiences from the past years?
DN: Our friends from Audiotree rented a massive cabin outside of Austin. They invited us to stay out there and it was beautiful. We swam in the river and BBQ-ed all day. It was great to get out of the hectic streets.
SLUG: What advice can you give to the other locals headed there for the first time?
DN: Be safe. Have fun.
SLUG: Are you compiling a special SXSW setlist? What are you going to play?
DN: We usually just take it show by show—try to play different things every time to keep things fresh.
SLUG: Any bands playing that you’re hoping to catch while you’re there?
DN: Usually, the best ones are a last -minute announcement, so I think it’s more about keeping an ear out for that.
SLUG: How are you getting to Austin?
DN: Driving our trusty Chevy named Bev.
SLUG: Top 5 songs on your road trip playlist?
DN: Right now: “Silver Timothy” by Damien Jurado; “Keep It Healthy” by Warpaint; “Castles In The Air” by Don McLean; “I’ve Always Been Crazy” by Waylon Jennings; “The Ocean” by Led Zeppelin.