A colorful, futuristic image of a cityscape with the details of SLUG Mag's 35th Anniversary Party event.

SLUG Mag’s 35th Anniversary Party


For 35 years, SLUG Magazine has been amplifying Salt Lake City’s thriving alternative and underrepresented music, arts, events and community subcultures with thoughtful media coverage and exclusive event curation.

In celebration of our anniversary, we’re holding a one-of-a-kind night of live music where 35 local artists will perform one song each on Saturday, February 10 at Urban Lounge and Blue Gene’s. Doors open at 7 p.m. and music starts at 8 p.m. — get your tickets in advance for just $10 before they sell out!

In anticipation of our biggest event of the year, SLUG asked each performing band or artist to fill in the blanks to the following statements, explaining their music in their own words and imagining what the next 35 years will bring to SLC.

SLUG: You foresee Salt Lake City in 35 years as…

Whisperhawk selfie.
Whisperhawk feels that Salt Lake will metamorph into an Olive Garden in the years to come. Photo courtesy of Whisperhawk.

“The new Blade Runner movie.”
–Salt Lake City Demons

“One of the first lunar colonies, if we don’t change our ways. ‘Salt Crater City.’”

“The biggest hive of development for local and regional artists in the Midwest.”

“A massive hub for music as the city continues to grow and expand its collective consciousness.”
–Lady Infinity

“An underground safe haven for rebels and miscreants.”
–Reverend Morley

“The weirdest big city in America.”
–Milk Money

“One giant Olive Garden restaurant.”

“Having more music venues and all-ages venues in the city! Emerging from pandemic, live music made a comeback with lots of new venues like The DLC, Aces High Saloon, The International and Black Lung Society. With more DIY shows happening … the next 35 years will only see more spaces for musicians to share their art.”–Jacob T Skeen

GANKY poses during a performance.
“Pluggstalgia” is how GANKY would describe the sonic future of Salt Lake. Photo courtesy of GANKY.

SLUG: The SLC music scene in the future sounds like…



“Bands that only use drum machines; bands that only use tin cans and string.”
–Body Horror

“Our Western roots bleeding through our rich punk and metal heritage, continuing on the cutting edge of electronic music like we have for decades.”
–Little Lonesome

“The indomitable human spirit and the pursuit of hope against all odds. Each chord and lyric serves as a testament to a world rebuilt with both the scars of its history and the unwavering belief in a brighter, harmonious future.”
–Riff Ticker

“Underground techno, heavy bass lines and screams of pure joy and bliss.”

“The final resting place for each member of Dad Bod.”
–Dad Bod

“A retro society of rebels who resist conformity.”

“A wedding DJ with too much freedom on the aux, just going for it. In other words, I think SLC’s music scene in the future will be more diverse than we’ve ever seen it, combining the sounds of the hardest dance music with some of the best indie-pop around, all living only a few blocks away from each other.”

“Neo-punk, grindcore, dub, indie-folk, ‘hey ho’ fusion.”
–Kid Kawali

Turntable Tyson DJing.
“Old Spice Fiji” encapsulates the sound of Turntable Tyson. Photo courtesy of Turntable Tyson.

SLUG: Your music would smell like…

“Lotso, the bear from Toy Story 3.
–Stardance Riot

“Old Spice Fiji.”
–Turntable Tyson

“Maple pancakes and a spliff being smoked by a fire.”

“The Pirates of the Caribbean ride.”
The Buttons and Bows Show

“Espresso and cigarette smoke.”
–Bad Luck Brigade

“Flowers and champagne.”

“Gasoline, skunk or your childhood best friend’s home.”

“A Dorito crumb-covered Xbox 360 controller.”
–Olivia Bigelow




When it comes underground, future and past are as one according to Banshee Twin. Photo courtesy of Banshee Twin.

SLUG: To you, “underground” means…

“Focused on the art and not
the fame.”

“The sound of the future, shaking hands with the sound of the past.”
–Banshee Twin

“A direct result of oppression.”

“The truth before it gets paid.”
–Toto Peña

“Digging for the music you like. It’s not the music you turn on the radio and hear. It’s gritty, it’s hard; it’s aggressive, rough and dirty. It’s the music and the scene
that the masses don’t want.”
–Endless Struggle

“Independent and experimental.”
–Jill Whit

All in all, the line-up for this year’s Anniversary Party artists couldn’t be more different from one another, and we wouldn’t want it any other way. A group of artist this diverse promises to have something for everyone, and we hope to see you there!

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