The Moth & The Flame

The Moth & The Flame Play Velour’s 10th Anniversary

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The Moth & The Flame, LA via Utah’s kindest Art Rock band took a break from their creative exuberance to indulge us with questions about their hometown. Being that it’s winter, we invite you to snuggle up, grab some hard or soft cider and spend some time with a local favorite.

SLUG: Do you guys enjoy Utah’s winter weather or are you more summer people, because Utah winters can get ridiculous?

The Moth & the Flame: Winters are beautiful. We love the beauty of the snow and we all snowboard, so we enjoy it that way as well. However, touring in the winter is a different beast.

SLUG: Do you guys have any crazy winter stories?

The Moth & The Flame: We did a winter tour [in] early 2015 with Saint Motel and those icy drives along I-80 through the Midwest and back to Utah were some of the gnarliest we’ve encountered. We must have counted 50–60 wrecks along the road one day. So, thanks to that experience, we prefer to take it easy in the winters as much as possible.

SLUG: If you were stranded on a Provo beach and could choose only one book to read what would you pick?

The Moth & The Flame: Count of Monte Cristo

SLUG: If you were driving from L.A. to Provo and a CD got stuck in the player and was playing over and over, which CD would you prefer it be?

The Moth & The Flame: Tame Impala – Currents (it basically was for a good chunk of 2015)

SLUG: So when you’re touring through old stomping grounds like Provo and the Salt Lake area, what are your favorite places to grab a bite to eat? Do you have a favorite local hangout?

The Moth & The Flame: Too much great food in Utah, honestly.

In Provo:

– Black Sheep Cafe

-J Dawgs

-El Gaillo Giro



-Tony Caputo’s

-Eva’s bakery

SLUG: What’s your favorite thing to do to kill time in Utah?

The Moth & The Flame: We all have friends and family here, so just hanging with them takes up most of our spare time in Utah. As well as eating at the places named above.

SLUG: If you could choose two words to describe Utah people what would those words be?

The Moth & The Flame: Energetic, White

SLUG: What are your favorite Utah bands?

The Moth & The Flame: The Brocks, Fictionist, The Love Strange, Joshua James, Neon Trees.  So many great bands honestly.

SLUG: What are three words you’d use to describe your concerts?

The Moth & The Flame: Energetic, emotional, kick-ass

SLUG: Are there any differences between crowds here in Utah versus anywhere else you play?

The Moth & The Flame: There’s always a hometown-feeling playing here. Some of these fans have been around since the very beginning and we’ve always felt so much support from them. We really feed off their energy as we perform which helps us to deliver a performance that is sometimes hard to recreate in other cities.

SLUG: Anything you’d like to tell your Utah fans before the show?

The Moth & The Flame: We love you. Album coming soon—we promise.

The Moth & The Flame will perform at the 10th anniversary of Provo’s Velour on Jan. 22, along with Sego and Polytype. For information about the show, visit